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    What happens when you meet with CHOICES?

    You will meet with a member of the CHOICES team who will help you understand your difficulties and any worries you may have. We work with you to help explore what changes you might like to make at home, school or in your free time. We explore ways that might be helpful to make changes which could include thinking about next steps, self-help strategies, connecting you with local services and support. Some of the options that we might suggest are aimed to support resilience (to find out more about resilience click on this link)

    We at CHOICES provide a safe space to talk as we respect your values and beliefs and will not make any judgements. We will talk to you and agree what information (if any) you are happy to share with others.

    Few weeks following the initial appointment we will be contacting you to see how you are getting on and to find out if you have been able to begin with the plan of support.

    What happens next?

    We are really keen to hear how you have been getting on. A member of our team will contact you few months later to discuss with you what positive changes have taken place and in what way the plan of support helped.

    CHOICES offers support to children, young people up to the age of 17 and families in Haringey who are worried about their emotional wellbeing. If you are a young person you can request support for the team to see you for over a brief period of time where we will help you work out what services and support are available in Haringey for you. All parents/carers are welcome to contact CHOICES even if your child is not willing to meet with the team. Professionals concerned about a child/young person can also make a referral.

    Until further notice, due to Covid-19, we can meet with you via telephone or online videoconference

    * Please note that CHOICES is not a crisis service and we are only open Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you need crisis/emergency support please go to the CONTACT US section on this website for further details.

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